October 24, 2012
The Legacy of Uzbek Composer: celebrating Mukhtor Ashrafiy’s centenary
The Organ hall of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan has brought together the admirers of the creativity of Mukhtor Ashrafy for to pay homage to the memory of the outstanding Uzbek composer. At the concert, organized in the hall with participation of the Turkiston chamber orchestra, were performed the products of Mukhtor Ashrafiy, and contemporary Uzbek composers.

The creative evening, dedicated to one of the great figures in the Uzbek culture, was organized by the Union of Composers and Mukhtor Ashrafiy State Museum under the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, and Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater.

Mukhtor Ashrafiy (1912-1975) is considered one of the founders of contemporary Uzbek music. He is the author of the first Uzbek symphony ‘Heroic’. In co-authorship with the composer Sergey Vasilenko he created the first Uzbek national opera ‘Snowstorm’. The talented musician he was the first among conductors of Uzbekistan stood the conductor’s stand of the symphonic orchestra.

He is the author of bright and distinctive products of different genres – operas, ballets, symphonic compositions, cantatas, oratorios, and chamber opuses. Those included operas ‘Great Canal’, ‘Valley of Happiness’, ‘Dilorom’, ‘The Poet’s Heart’; ballets ‘Amulet of Love’, ‘Temur Malik’, ‘Love and Sword’; epic oratorio ‘Legend about Rustam’ that consider the national heritage of the Uzbek classics. For the years of creativity Mukhtor Ashrafiy made a weighty contribution to the development of the composer and conductor schools of Uzbekistan, development of professional formation of major local vocalists, musicians and conductors. He was the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, winner of the state and international prizes.

“Products created by Muhtor Ashrafy charm music connoisseurs all across the world, and his compositions still performs worldwide, displaying high spirituality and best human qualities inherited in the Uzbek people’s culture,” says Natalia Gunova, director of the Mukhtor Ashrafiy State Museum. “Our museum welcomed its first guest thirty years ago. Its work is aimed at promotion of the creative heritage of Mukhtor Ashrafiy, as well as aesthetic upbringing of the younger generation, popularization among them of the national values and world music heritage.”

The concert’s program also included ‘Adagio’ and ‘The Dance of Bukhoro Ladies’ from the ballet ‘Amulet of Love’ which was performed by the Turkiston chamber orchestra under supervision of the Honored Worker of Arts of Uzbekistan Eldar Azimov. Sharipova, Tursunova, and Muhamedjanova performed the products by Uzbek composers Mustafo Bafoev, Abdullaeva, Hasanova-Tursunova, and Hsanov, created in homage to Mukhtor Ashrafiy.

Winner of republican competitions Isroilov performed for the first time the love songs of Mukhtor Ashrafiy ‘The Breeze Blowing at Dawn’, and ‘My Beloved.’

“To my view, Uzbek people could be proud of such a talented and unique composer as Mukhtor Ashrafiy. His works are so expressive and full of deep meaning that they are never out of time and distance,” notes Professor Adiba Sharipova at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

Moreover, within the concert program the People’s Artist Dilbar Abdurahmonova, Honored Teacher of Youth Vladimir Neimer, head of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan Rustam Abdullaev and others sheared their memories on life and activity of Mukhtor Ashrafiy. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


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