May 30, 2012
Uzbekistan implemented 2,258 projects worth135.7 billion soums as part of Agrominitech Expo exhibitions
From 2006 to 2012, 2,258 projects worth 135.7 billion soums (official exchange rate 1 USD= 1871,44 UZS) have been implemented in Uzbekistan within Agrominitech Expo exhibitions. They were attended by more than 220 companies from 30 countries in the world, as well as over 32 thousand representatives of agribusinesses, farms and entrepreneurs of the country.

This information was announced in the course of the 7th Tashkent International specialized exhibition-sale of mini technologies and compact equipment for agriculture \"Uzbekistan Agrominitech Expo-2012\".

It was noted that participation in such events accelerates the development of industrial production and construction, organization of compact plants on processing fruits and vegetables, livestock products equipped with modern machinery and technology. As in previous years, \"Uzbekistan Agrominitech Expo-2012\" invited the world\'s leading domestic manufacturers of mini technologies and compact equipment for production and processing of agricultural products. The stands represented mini-technologies and compact equipment for the production and processing of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, as well as the production of bakery and pasta products of Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Russia and other countries. Farmers are offered a wide range of technologies for processing leather and fur, mini-technology for horticulture and viticulture, packing equipment, etc.

The emphasis is placed on quality parameters of the purchased equipment, noted the participants of the exhibition. This is particularly important in light of the presidential Decree of March 26 \"On additional measures to strengthen the incentives of exporting enterprises and expanding exports of competitive products\".

As part of the document enterprises, producers of goods (works, services) have the right to participate in international tenders by projects carried out in the territory of the republic by means of the international financial institutions, donor countries, foreign governments, on equal terms with foreign participants, including followed the conclusion of contracts in foreign currency for delivery of the goods produced.

They also may enter into contracts with non-residents in foreign currency in terms of direct supply contracts provided for use of goods (works, services) of own production in the country. Such contracts are treated as export agreements. They are registered only in an authorized bank serving with the provision of tax incentives for exporters.

Since April 1, 2012 part of earnings in foreign currency, which the exporting company sends on current repayment of principal debt on foreign currency loans for new construction, modernization and technological upgrading of existing facilities, is exempt from the mandatory sale to authorized banks for the period until the full repayment of principal debt.

According to one of the exhibitors, CEO of Techno Food Service, carrying out servicing and organizing the delivery of food equipment from Russia, Ukraine and Europe Mikhail Dmitriev, the measures extend the scope and range of exports, and push agricultural enterprises to manufacture competitive products.

He stressed the characteristic feature of the handwriting of companies that supply the entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan with equipment and technology from other countries.

The increasing share of in supplies is gained by the so-called combined equipment. It includes foreign technology in combination with certain localized parts of local manufacturers, which reduces the cost of the equipment. So, Techno Food Service successfully uses forms for the local production of bread along with modern technologies of production of bakery products made in Europe.

Like many other supplying companies, Techno Food Service began manufacturing equipment in Uzbekistan. It carries out composition of boring boxes with plastic components of the local manufacturer Akfa, which makes the technology more competitive by the \"price quality\" formula. Local manufacturing of units for production of pasta and drying ovens has been established.

Among the regular participants of the exhibition Uzbekistan Agrominitech Expo-2012 are the Uzbek-Serbian joint venture company Urug-invest. Deputy Director General Kadir Mamirov introduces farmers attending the fair with their products - high-yielding sunflower seeds, corn, triticale, soybeans, barley, alfalfa and other forage crops.

Even today, farmers annually get 20 to 50 tons of fodder seeds and oilseeds of non-cotton origin.

Particular attention at the exhibition is paid to raise awareness among Uzbek consumers about existing financial instruments for purchase of mini technologies and compact equipment. To this end, it includes representatives of banks and leasing companies.

According to experts of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, the traditional sale-exhibitions of equipment and mini-technologies provide impetus to the development of long-term cooperation of farmers of the country with foreign firms and manufacturing companies. Exhibitions have also facilitated their own production of such equipment and its maintenance. (Source: UzReport.com)


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