March 29, 2012
Nurturing Good Taste and Skills: ‘Incubator of talents’ is to open in Tashkent
During three years the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry together with the London College of Fashion have been implemented the joint education project on the grant allocated by the British Council. This year it is the final stage within which London has hosted a panel discussion and master classes conducted by Uzbek specialists. Results of the project are to be summed up this fall during Art Week Style.UZ 2012.

Within the project, specialists of both sides have conducted a profound analysis of learning, guiding and regulations of the London College of Fashion and compared with education programs of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry.

“At first year we dealt with comparison, analysis and made corrections,” tells the vice rector of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry Kholida Komilova. “Furthermore, we carried out the work on preparation of our specialists for labor activity. We gathered info on graduates and enterprises, examined the demand of employers and taking into account their requirements, made corrections on curricula. We were focused on improvement of practical training of students, especially in our directions.”

Kholida Komilova notes that the Institute is the trade one and theory skills are not enough at that. “We should prepare students in such way that graduates after starting labor activity would be ready to work in advanced equipments, get acquainted with requirements, technologies and constructions. In this turn, we have made corrections not only on design, but on all directions, and today, affiliates of several departments operate in enterprises.”

As it was noted, the Institute possesses with the full database of all enterprises, starting from cotton and cocoon winding factories and ending with enterprises manufacturing finished products. If to take into account that the Institute prepares specialists for all these technological stages – spinners, weavers, textile experts, designers, and others, then it becomes a close circuit that is starting from primary machining to manufacturing of finished products. To the words of the Institute management, cooperation with the London College assisted them in working out a method and gathering a certain material.

Another stage of the work within the project was the creation of two pilot groups of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry and London College of Fashion. Initially, groups had 25 people each. These students had to prepare projects on creation of design and preparation of articles on the motifs of Uzbek national culture, elements of textiles and cloth. For to make London students ready for implementation of the project, representatives of the Tashkent Institute left for London where they conducted a number of classes and workshops.

By the end of this project, only 15 students from each pilot group were permitted for participation in the exhibition. Their works, as well as author collections of two young Uzbek designers – Munira Askarova and Saodat Khojimuratova, were displayed in this exhibition hosted by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in UK. The action was organized within the London Fashion Week, as well as the contest with participation of works of pilot groups.

The trip program included a panel discussion aimed at summing up the results and elaboration of future plans.

“The project comes to its end this year, and its final stage will be organized with the Art Week Style.UZ 2012. We intend to organize an exhibition of works of winners of pilot groups – two participants from each group, as well as display of author collections,” tells Kholida Komilova. “Besides, fashion shows National Dress and Underground will demonstrate best collections of participants of the grant. And, it will be a finale of the project. However, we have figuring out that could continue the work, as in curriculum and creative activity have found many points of contact.

Thus, there has been appeared the idea of a new project Tempus, which will be participated not only representatives of Uzbekistan and UK, but Denmark and Spain. It is turned to be a major project aimed at creating material base fro creativity of the youth and organization in the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry of a sort of ‘incubator of talents.’

Within the project 10 people will be selected from graduates of last two – three years who will work within two years in a specially equipped laboratory created at the institute. The sewing lab is almost to be completed. Required equipments have already been delivered that were procured to the total amount of 250 million soums (Exchange rate of CB 1USD-1843,50 soums) allocated by the Ministry of Higher, Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan. Thus, young specialists will have the opportunity to work in the advanced lab and if necessary to be consulted by experienced tutors.” (Source: Uzbekistan Today Newspaper)


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