January 5, 2012
Confidently Forward with New Creative Plans
Independent TV and radio broadcasters discuss the Development Program for 2012 National Association of Electronic Mass Media has organized Media Days to sum up the activity of independent broadcasters in 2011 and outline promising trends for next year. Execution of the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Measures for Implementation of the Concept of Intensifying Democratic Reforms and Forming the Civil Society in the Country in reformation of information sector and ensuring of freedom of speech and information’ was the major topic that merged a series of events in one idea. The role and place of NAEMM in the further deepening of democratic reforms and development of civil society in the country was discussed at the conference with participation of deputies, representatives of UzACI, UzAPI, the National Broadcasting Company, and Creative Union of Journalists. The first session of the forum highlighted new legislative initiatives, including the Law on Transparency of Public Authorities and Management, on TV and Radio Broadcasting, on Economic Foundations of Mass Media Activity, on Guarantees of State Support for the Media. Today Uzbekistan continues the process of deepening of democratic reforms and building of a strong civil society with the important part assigned to mass media. The Concept put forward by the state’s leader designates the information sector and ensuring of freedom of speech and information as one of the priority areas for further reformation. The media community has been entrusted with implementation of ambitious goals with the active involvement of nongovernmental TV and radio broadcasters. Members of NAEMM are represented in the committees and expert groups for the preparation of laws and regulatory acts indicated in the concept. The proposals submitted by electronic mass media were taken into consideration and included in draft laws, said Firdavs Abdukhalikov, NAEMM board director. Akmal Saidov, chairman of the commission for preparation of regulations for the reformation of information sector, ensuring of freedom of speech and information reported on the progress the commission made in 2011. During the discussion of the Law on TV and Radio Broadcasting, Alisher Khojaev, chairman of the National Broadcasting Company, informed the participants about the process of preparation of the draft law, interpreted the regulations governing the relations within the sector, as well as licensing issues. The launch of new types of television including digital, mobile and internet broadcasting aroused a keen interest. He mentioned the present global process of transition to digital broadcasting, and emphasized that Uzbekistan was among the first CIS countries that started introducing it. Shuhrat Atamuhammedov, deputy chairman at UzACI, called independent TV and radio broadcasters to launch the online broadcasting. This will firstly attract the attention of young people to the national media content. Secondly, regional broadcasters will expand their coverage area. The adoption of the Law on TV and Radio Broadcasting will initiate an entirely new and qualitative development of the industry, he said. When discussing the draft laws on Economic Foundations of Mass Media Activity and on Guarantees of State Support for Mass media they touched upon the financial stability of broadcasters. The Public Fund for Support of NGOs and Other Civil Society Institutions under Oliy Majlis significantly supports the electronic mass media in their development. According to the results of the last fifth grant competition alone, five grantees out of 20 are the private broadcasters. They are also supported by the Public Fund at NAEMM. Besides, the joint projects with the OSCE and Konrad Adenauer Foundation have been carried out this year as well. Workshops and seminars featuring each certain area, including youth TV studios, television and radio stations, production of Hudud news program at UzNTT, took place on the threshold of the conference. The participants of each project reviewed the work done in terms of quality of media production broadcasted in 2011, and tried to find the ways to further improve it together. The UzNTT meeting participants dwelled on the progress and shortcomings of its activities. As commented by Muhammajon Bekmuhamedov, director of the television network, they produced over 4,000 media products in 2011, which is twice as more than in 2010. The channel’s content has expanded, it now broadcasts sociopolitical, economic, spiritual, educational and sports programs. The level of technical signal has increased. UzNTT shifts to terrestrial digital broadcasting, which is expected to cover 27 million people next year. The Youth TV Club Bunyodkor was upgraded last year. Youth television studios decided on their prospects for the next year too. Muqaddas Kambarova, trainer of the workshop for young journalists and director at Youth TV Club Bunyodkor, discussed with the children the TV programs they had produced, and new plans and ideas. We talked about the creative approach during the filming. It is not enough to attract our generation today just by interesting name of the story. One also has to keep the youths watching. Though, it can be probably called a general tendency of modern TV that offers a huge option to the audience, says Dilshod Abduvoziev, a journalist of youth television studio in Namangan. “We all have a great desire to create good TV reports, learn and grow true professionals. With that we are greatly supported by Fund Forum and NAEMM who annually organize various trainings involving foreign experts for us.” Master classes and workshops coached by well-known journalists and TV operators from Switzerland, Russia, United States and other countries have been held this year with the assistance of the OSCE Office Coordinator, Representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Uzbekistan and UNESCO. Media Days resulted in the adoption of the NAEMM Development Program for 2012. It included such priority issues as the further implementation of the Concept put forward by the state’s leader, coverage of the Year of Family, the reform process, as well as the further training of the staff of electronic mass media, upgrade of TV and radio stations in line with international standards. (Source: Ut.uz)


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