October 12, 2015
Azerbaijani news agencies reported on participation of delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the UN summit on the goals of sustainable development, which held in New York.

For example, Trend news agency published on its website an article devoted to address by Uzbekistan\'s Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov at the UNO summit on September 25, 2015.

The article notes that the head of the Foreign Ministry has put forward a proposal for a new agenda for the future of humanity - of sustainable development, designed for 2016-2030.

Quoting the words of Minister, the site emphasizes: \"Uzbekistan on the estimates of international financial and economic structures of today takes the fifth place in the world among countries with rapidly growing economies. Over the last 10 years, despite the ongoing global economic downturn, the average growth rate of GDP exceeds 8%. During the years of independent development the state\'s economy grew more than 5.5 times, population\'s real incomes - 9 times. Average life expectancy increased from 67 to 73 years, women - 75 years\".

Trend reports that, despite the enormous challenges and tests, the country has become a stable and steadily developing country with a modern diversified economy that ensured the cardinal increase the welfare and quality of life.

In turn Turkish Forum announces large-scale reforms in the health sector, which have led to a decline of one-third of the level of death in children under 5 years, and a similar reduction in maternal mortality. The incidence of tuberculosis in the country declined from the peak of 2002 by 1.6 times.

Special attention is paid source of the initiative of Uzbekistan, providing for the establishment under the auspices of the UN Special Trust Fund for the Aral Sea and the Aral Sea region, whose main task will be to coordinate the efforts and the implementation of targeted programs and projects aimed at mitigating the environmental disaster.

It is reported that the impact of the Aral Sea catastrophe threatening observed today throughout the world.

In this regard, the publication emphasizes that the most serious impact of the Aral Sea tragedy has had on living conditions and the gene pool of 65 million people in Central Asia. In the region there is a lack of ecological disaster and decline in the quality of drinking water, the growth of dangerous diseases and other problems.

Turkish Forum informs that the initiative for the establishment of the Trust Fund received the support of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Information Agency Etnoglobus also writes about the work done in the country over the past few years working to achieve the goals set in the Millennium Declaration.

\"Despite the huge challenges and tests, the country has become a stable and steadily developing country with a modern diversified economy, providing crucial growing prosperity and quality of life, steady progress on the path of democratic renewal and modernization,\" - the agency sums up.

(Source: Jahon Information Agency)


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