October 7, 2015
Lenni Montiel: CA to Play Important Role in SDG Implementation
Central Asian countries will have an important role to play in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, according to the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Lenni Montiel.

Mr.Montiel emphasized that “the 17 goals that reflect the whole spectrum of problems of global concern have been supported by over 190 UN member-states during negotiations held throughout three years.

“The countries considered a multitude of proposals and options and ended up adopting these 17 goals. They made the choice with the assistance of experts in their respective countries, UN experts as well as civil society. Participating in the consultations were the youth, parliamentarians, officials of higher educational institutions and members of the scientific community from various countries. This has never happened before. Perhaps, number 17 may seem too big, but this is the best result of the consultations that spanned for three years. It is not the number, but the essence of the goals that matters.

“Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, first of all, envisages the state of economy, the welfare of the population and the state of affairs in the environment. The combination of these three factors is the essence of the new agenda for sustainable development.

“I spent many years living and working in the CIS. I can say that these countries started implementing the Millennium Development Goals while in a very good position. The level of education and healthcare in many CIS countries may serve as an example for many countries.

While working in Central Asia, I supported the endeavors of these countries’ governments as well as NGOs to implement the Millennium Development Goals. I want to point out that I was pleasantly surprised by the sound approach these countries had taken to this work. I have no doubt that these countries will show as much responsibility in dealing with the new Sustainable Development Goals. They will rely on the experience they have gained during the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. Therefore, I am convinced that Central Asia will play a crucial role in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

(Source: newspaper \"Uzbekistan Today\")


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