June 22, 2016
The Executive Committee of the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party (UzLiDeP) Political Council has reviewed the questions of worthily welcoming the 25th anniversary of the Republic’s independence.

The Party’s deputy corps will take an active part in informing the public about the significance of the most important programs and undertakings aimed at increasing our country’s competitiveness on the international arena.

A series of events have been elaborated at which the broad range of voters and party activists will be explained the UzLiDeP stance in respect to gradual reduction of government involvement in the economy, ensuring the priority of private property enshrined in the Constitution and further enhancing the efficiency of small businesses and private entrepreneurship.

Special activities are planned to be carried out by the youth and women’s organizations: events will be organized in all the regions of the country aimed at revealing the essence and significance of the youth policy and bringing up healthy and harmoniously developed youth.

The regional councils of the UzLiDeP have been instructed to conduct series of activities with the participation of broad strata of population and the electorate. Special groups will have to be organized from among the party activists to meet this objective.


The “Milliy Tiklanish” Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (DPU) has held an event devoted to preparation for the main holiday of the country.

Forums, festivals and other undertakings and meeting have been planned to be conducted on the subject “Peace and tranquility is the basis of all our achievements”, “Independence is a national revival and advancement” and others.

The objective of the event is delivering to the population of our country and the world community the essence and importance of successes achieved during the years of independence, protection of national interests in all spheres of Uzbekistan’s life and dissemination of our rich heritage, customs and traditions.

“The population, the youth in particular, based on real life examples will be explained at these events that independence had radically changed our life, opened up opportunities for building up a prosperous life and bright future,” says deputy of the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis Nodirjon Mukhtorov.


The “Adolat” Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (SDPU) has organized a spiritual-enlightening event in the Chinoz district of Tashkent region devoted to the 25th anniversary of independence under the slogan “We are all responsible for the development and florescence of our Motherland”.

It was noted at the event that the reforms being implemented in the country were aimed at the development of such spheres as healthcare, science, culture, arts and sport, caring about representatives of the older generation, women and the youth, securing their rights and interests, and protection of Motherhood and Childhood.

“The party organizations are getting thoroughly prepared for the most cherished holiday of our nation,” says chairman of the “Adolat” regional council Ravshan Tolipov. “Reports were delivered at the event on the subjects “Independence is a great blessing”, “Peace and tranquility is the basis of all our achievements”, “Bringing up a harmoniously developed younger generation” and others


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