September 11, 2015
The embassy in Tel Aviv held a briefing with the participation of representatives of social and political community and leading mass media of Israel, dedicated to 24-anniversary of the state independence of Uzbekistan.

The audience was provided detailed information on the social and economic achievements of the country during the years of sovereign development, radical transformations and reforms in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Particular attention during the event was the speech given by President Islam Karimov at the celebrations to mark the celebration of the anniversary of independence.

At the end of the briefing, representatives of Israel shared their views in an interview with Information Agency Jahon.

Deputy of City council of Kiryat-Gat, Chairman of All-Israeli Union \"BLOCK\", Head of the Society of friendship \"Israel-Uzbekistan\" Boris Maniev:

- First of all, I want to congratulate the friendly people of Uzbekistan with the auspicious occasion and wish the country\'s prosperity and well-being.

In my opinion, in the intervening period your republic has reached truly fantastic success. In this I see firsthand during his visits in 2011 and 2014. Positive changes have astonished me. This applies to all spheres of life. I am sure that in the near future Uzbekistan will be among the leading countries of the world.

Hebrew University Professor Vladimir Mesamed:

- Facts and figures voiced by the head of Uzbekistan for the celebrations in Tashkent, the Uzbek people have filled the hearts of the feeling of national pride and responsibility for the future of the motherland.

Now your country is the fifth in the world among countries with rapidly growing economies, and in the last eleven years, despite the ongoing global economic crisis, the growth rate of GDP is more than 8%, which is, of course, causes the admiration of many.

Editor of the newspaper \"Vesti\" Valeriy Heart:

- In December 2014 as a journalist I had the opportunity to visit the Israeli publications in Uzbekistan, which hosted the parliamentary elections. The Central Election Commission has provided me with an excellent opportunity to not only get acquainted with the capital of the state - a beautiful modern Tashkent, but also to visit in the Ferghana valley in the city of Andijan.

Frankly, occurred in 24 years changes in all spheres of life - fr om politics and economics to the mood of the people - made indelible impression on me. I have great pleasure talking with government officials, and ordinary citizens on the streets of Tashkent and Andijan. I note that the Uzbeks before distinguished hospitality and openness, but now, after such a long time, I could not help but pay attention to how their faces brightened, as if illuminated by the sun of independence.

In my opinion, due to the economic progress, balanced and well thought-out foreign and domestic policy, along with constant attention to the social sphere, Uzbekistan is considered to be a haven of peace and stability in Central Asia.

President of the International Cultural Center of Central Asians Mordechai Kimyagarov:

- Israel is home to more than two hundred thousand people fr om Uzbekistan. We remember and love this sunny land wh ere we were born, wh ere our ancestors lived and worked for centuries.

And today, we have maintained a close relationship with your country; we are following with great interest for its development and rejoice in the successes. Uzbekistan\'s economy is growing, great efforts are made to revive the ancient culture and spiritual historical values of the people, great importance is attached to the social sector, support of young people, protection of the elderly. As a result of successful transformation and reform achieved high standards in education and medicine.

On the occasion of the anniversary of independence I wish the hard-working and hospitable people of Uzbekistan further success, peace and future prosperity!

(Source: Information Agency Jahon, Tel-Aviv)


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