August 27, 2015
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov reviewed the ongoing construction and beautification works in the capital Tashkent on August 25.

Owing to the peace and harmony reigning in our country, thanks to the selfless work of the people, Uzbekistan has been advancing on all fronts. Wide-ranging construction and beautification efforts are in progress across all the urban and rural areas of the nation, thus facilitating a steadfast elevation of the living standards of the population.

At the initiative of President Islam Karimov, our towns are being reinvigorated to a full extent on the basis of general (master) plans. It can be seen in the case of the contemporary appearance of Nukus, Urgench, Bukhara, Andijan, Ferghana, Namangan, Samarkand, Karshi, Termez and other cities.

On the eve of the 24th anniversary of our native land’s independence, the construction of new industrial enterprises, educational and medical institutions, cultural centers and sports complexes, roads and bridges, modern homes is in full swing in all regions of the country. As the good tradition established in the years of independence goes, the majority of these facilities are put into operation on the eve of the greatest and the dearest holiday of our nation.

The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov traveled August 25 along Tashkent in order to familiarize with the enduring creative and improvement works undertaken in the megalopolis.

Tashkent is a majestic capital; it is the symbol of our state that epitomized the latter’s beauty and charm in whole. Under the guidance of the head of our state, extensive construction and creative endeavors are underway in the city. As a result, it has been undergoing renewal, preserving at the same time its historical identity. Being erected with a close eye to the traditions of national architecture art and modern urban planning requirements, the apartment buildings, social facilities, hotels, roads and bridges as well as shady alleys create all the comfort and favorable environment for locals and visitors.

Built on the idea of our country’s President, a master plan has been elaborated for the reconstruction of Tashkent’s old city. In accordance with this scheme, large-scale construction works are carried out in this part of the capital. In 2013, improvement and beautification efforts were undertaken in and around the Khadra Square. In 2014, new roads were built in Almazar Shaikhantahur districts. A new modern bridge was commissioned in May this year at the intersection of Sebzar and Abdulla Kadiri Streets.

In accordance with the 20 November 2014 decree of the head of our state to build modern residential housing, 5 five-storey buildings consisting of 160 apartments were erected in the old part of Tashkent. The construction of ten more such houses with 246 apartments is currently in progress and they are projected to be commissioned by the end of the year.

Climatic conditions, requirements of health and safety, all the peculiarities of the national lifestyle of our people were taken into account in the process of designing these buildings. Modern technologies and materials were used in their construction and finishing works.

The attention paid to creating the necessary conditions for the people can be seen already at the entrance of the apartment building. On the recommendation of the President, the height of each rung of the ladder is understated from the conventional 15 centimeters to 12 centimeters, while the slope is reduced from 27 to 21 degrees in the angle. This creates additional convenience for people, especially for the elderly.

When constructing apartment buildings, we should take into account human interests and the national mentality of our people, Islam Karimov said. In order for people to be satisfied with their lives, it is necessary to create favorable conditions and amenities, especially for our women.

The head of state gave recommendations on the creation of additional facilities for the population in the residential area, as well as on landscaping of the surrounding territory.

Our country has been making remarkable successes in all spheres. The Uzbek people live in these comfortable and modern homes. That is the very goal of our efforts, namely, the dream and aspirations of people, Islam Karimov insisted.

The ongoing creative and improvement works will help to further improve the welfare and living standards of the population.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


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