August 21, 2015
Azerbaijani online newspaper \"Caspian\" published an extensive article entitled \"Independent Uzbekistan: the path of prosperity and progress\", dedicated to 24 anniversary of independence of our country.

Material begins with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told by him in the course of his recent visit to the country.

\"Uzbekistan has made significant progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the rule of law and protection of human rights, protection of motherhood and childhood, improving the education system. All these achievements are the result of sustainable and people-oriented socio-economic reforms\", - Azerbaijani edition quotes the Head of the UN.

Such recognition of the international community, as well as praised by international experts are really strong confirmation of the correctness of the path chosen by Uzbekistan build a developed democratic state with a socially oriented market economy and a strong civil society.

\"By the anniversary of the independence of the young, but not for years growing rich and self-sufficient republic, suited to new successes - \"Caspian\" says. - Each of them is worth a lot, especially in this rapidly changing world, where entire regions are covered by permanent conflict and bloody clashes\".

The publication notes that today in Uzbekistan there is peace, tranquility and religious tolerance, support sustainable economic growth, developing the social sphere, the huge funds are allocated to education and health, for the improvement of rural areas.

\"Behind all this - a huge long-term work of the people of Uzbekistan, which rallied around the leadership of the country, who has assumed responsibility for the implementation of reforms - the article says. - Due to this inextricable consolidation of creative energy and intellectual thought is not far off even greater achievements\".

Citing macroeconomic indicators of the country, Azerbaijani newspaper also notes that in the updated rankings of the World Bank in terms of economic development of Uzbekistan among 190 countries in the world rose from 72nd place in 2010 to 66th.

\"Today Uzbekistan is not only to provide their own people more than fruits and vegetables, but also exports more than 180 kinds of fresh, processed fruit and vegetables to 80 countries, -konstatiruet \"Caspian\". - This success is underpinned by the recognition of the international community. Recently in Rome, the FAO awarded Uzbekistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in the area of food security\".

Speaking of the achievements of the country, the publication also directs his attention to the prospects of its development are the most authoritative forecasts of international organizations, particularly the International Monetary Fund (IMF). So, it is reported that the results of the mission of this financial institution in Uzbekistan, it was concluded that in 2015 economic growth will remain high due to the adoption of a program to modernize industry and infrastructure, as well as programs for the privatization and corporate governance. They will promote, according to IMF experts, structural reforms and reduce the state\'s role in the economy.

\"So - is the article - that the evolutionary path to become the country\'s only true transition from the old system to the development of a democratic state. The principle of \"not building a new home, do not destroy the old\" has been implemented in all areas of life. The difficult role of a main reformer and initiator of reforms undertaken by the state. Republic has established the priority of economy over politics, implicit rule of law and a strong social support\".

(Source: Information Agency \"Jahon\", Baku)


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