July 20, 2015
Achievements Secured through Independence
Uzbekistan is poised to celebrate the 24th anniversary of its national independence this year. Whether this is a long period or not is up to historians to decide. We, journalists, want to tell our readers about milestones that have become turning points for our country, determined its present and laid the groundwork for its future gains. We can evoke hundreds of examples testifying to the achievements gained in the years since independence. There are, however, unique initiatives that were possible only thanks to our independence. One such initiative is a major project that has translated into the creation of standard housing in rural areas, which has no parallel elsewhere in the world.

Today, when thousands of modern homes have been built in Uzbekistan in line with international standards, there is no place for surprise that the country’s GDP has demonstrated stable growth over the past twenty years. People living in comfort and in confidence in their future are the very driving force that is able to lead the republic notwithstanding global financial strains. It stands to reason when they say that a country’s wealth is not its natural resources, but its people. And this is exactly why the creation of all conditions and efforts to boost people’s welfare receive a great deal of attention in Uzbekistan.

The project to build standard housing in Uzbekistan’s rural areas was launched in 2009. Specialists went to great lengths to pick tried and tested technologies, analyzed them, and combined them with national developments. As a result, they created projects that are best suited to the local environment. As of today, over 40,000 modern and comfortable homes have sprung up across Uzbekistan in recent years. In the next two years, developers are planning to bring into service another 25,000 homes. Six years ago, we could not even imagine that our rural areas would boast unique residential areas with modern homes and the proper infrastructure: household services, stores, schools, kindergartens, and paved roads.

It is therefore no wonder that foreign visitors express surprise at the pace of Uzbekistan’s development. They also marvel at the successful synergy of modern architectural trends and national traditions. Much to their amazement, they learn that these transformations were secured in as few as twenty years. In the ‘90s of the past century, the country was on the verge of a crisis while today it is a successful country. A country that values accord, honest labor and initiative is certain to reach welfare and prosperity. Therefore, the main vector of all the transformations is aimed at people, their comfortable present and promising future.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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