December 24, 2015
Uzbekistan’s Embassy in Italy hosted a briefing dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Constitution of our country. The event was attended by representatives of political, social, cultural, scientific and academic circles of Italy.

The briefing noted that the Constitution of the Republic laid a solid foundation for building a democratic state with socially oriented market economy and strong civil society. The main points of the report of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at a solemn meeting on the occasion of the Constitution Day, held in Tashkent, were presented.

Participants of the event in Rome were acquainted with the implemented large-scale reforms in the country in political, economic and social spheres, which are based on provisions of the Main Law.

During the event, representatives of Italy shared their comments in an interview with “Jahon” Information Agency.

Daniela Cecchini, journalist of Corriere del Sud newspaper:

- Commemorating today a significant event, I would like to emphasize the fact that the Constitution of Uzbekistan is the main legal guarantor of a sovereign state construction, protection of interests, rights and freedoms, economic development and people’s welfare improvement.

I take this opportunity to convey my sincere wishes for prosperity and goodness to all residents of the country, which has made significant progress in recent years, including the strengthening of international cooperation.

Magda Pedace, professor of Rome University “La Sapienza”, a member of the Interuniversity Centre for Research and Sustainable Development (CIRPS):

- I have repeatedly visited Uzbekistan to participate in various events dedicated to the socio-economic and other social processes, and had the opportunity to directly observe positive changes which are conducting in the country.

I would like to note that the Main Law of the Republic meets all democratic standards.

I read with interest the information on IV National Forum of NGOs held in Uzbekistan. Totally agree with the thesis that democratic renewal and modernization of the country is important in enhancing the role of non-governmental organizations in addressing the challenges in social protection of citizens, protection of their health, the environment and others areas.

Study of the current development of Uzbekistan’s civil society is very interesting and useful for us, the Europeans, in all respects. I think Uzbekistan forms a strong civil society in which women, the family and the institution of mahalla occupy a worthy place.

Stefano Russo, an architect:

- I have repeatedly visited Uzbekistan and well acquainted with the country. After visiting its most beautiful cities, I have written a book, which reflects the achievements of the Uzbek people in science, its rich historical and cultural heritage.

I am impressed by the words of President Islam Karimov that Uzbekistan today is building the state and society, which is not inferior to anyone, on the basis of the Uzbek model of development that places the ultimate goal of the implementation of all principles and provisions of the Constitution. In my opinion, it reflects the centuries-old wisdom of your people, who has cherished the uniqueness of traditions and customs for thousands of years.

Stanislao Marcini, a journalist:

- It is gratifying that every year is dedicated to a particular social orientation in Uzbekistan in order to further improve the welfare of the population. I appreciate the fact that current year in your country took place under the motto of the Year of attention and care for the older generation, aimed at improving the quality of older people’s life, material and moral supporting of their. A great experience is social actions held in the regions of Uzbekistan under the slogan “No one will be left without care and attention” that aimed to improve medical services to veterans, pensioners and the disabled.

I welcome the announcement of the coming 2016 year in your country the Year of healthy mother and child, because healthy and strong family is healthy society’s foundation.

I must say that Uzbekistan in many areas can be an example for us Italians. I will try to make its modest contribution in learning more about your rich history and culture by my people.

Luca Nordoni, head of GS Air travel company:

- Our company has presented the Uzbek airline in Italy over 20 years. I want to emphasize that your country is wonderful and beautiful! In connection with the 23 anniversary of the Constitution, I would like to convey the best wishes to the people of Uzbekistan.

Many times I have been in Uzbekistan, and I hope that more and more Italians will be able to see your charming republic, which is an island of peace, tranquility and culture on a large Euro-Asian continent. I am following with admiration how it transformed before our eyes into a modern state with a stable economy. Undoubtedly, the basis of this process is the Constitution of independent and sovereign Uzbekistan.

(Source: Jahon Information Agency, Rome)


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