December 18, 2015
A number of eminent scientists and experts of France participated in a round table held in Paris and dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan and the announcement of the coming as the \"Year of the Healthy Mother and Child\".

At the meeting, those present got acquainted with detailed information about main provisions of President Islam Karimov\'s address devoted to the anniversary of the Constitution of Uzbekistan, achievements of the country in the political, legal, social and economic spheres and voiced priorities for further modernization of country.

As noted during round table, the Basic Law of our country contains a fixed international legal acts recognized democratic principles and norms, such as the priority of the rights and freedoms, separation of powers, checks and balances, the development of parliamentary and civil society.

Following the event, the participants given an interview to the Jahon I.A. and shared their assessment of the current development of our country.

Emmanuel Dupuis, President of the Institute of forecasting and security in Europe:

- During a historically short period Uzbekistan achieved such results that most developed countries have sought to for decades. The country is developing dynamically and steadily towards democracy based on a multiparty system formed and dynamically functioning institutions of civil society, the role of women in governance.

It was nice to know that the next year in the republic declared as the \"Year of healthÝ mother and child\". This demonstrates once again that the upbringing of healthy generation is a priority of the state policy of Uzbekistan. In the context of the ongoing worldwide economic difficulties, such a step will certainly commendable.

Strong social policy has become the \"calling card\" of Uzbekistan, one of the strong pillars of its own development path. The preservation of peace in this key country which is home to over 130 nationalities living in harmony, inspires us. In this regard, it is no exaggeration to say that Uzbekistan is the model for all states in the region.

I am sure that tasks stated in the report of the President Islam Karimov as well as set of measures, development and implementation of which are planned based on them, will contribute to the prosperity of the republic and improve its image in the international arena.

Professor Jean-Antoine Duprat, deputy director of the Institute of Urban Planning and Development of the University of the Sorbonne Paris IV, an expert on sustainable development:

- The way chosen by your country to achieve success in the process of phased implementation of internationally recognized Uzbek model of development demonstrate a practical result of the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic.

The Basic Law of Uzbekistan is a reflection of the unique national traditions of the people and statehood. Thanks to the consistent implementation of the principles laid down in it, institutions to ensure peace, stability and development of the country have been established. Currently, the country is successfully moving forward on the path of building a strong civil society and a modern diversified economy.

In my opinion, it is very important that President Islam Karimov, congratulating compatriots on Constitution Day, indicates the priority areas for further development of society that reflect the noble aspirations of the people. Declaration of the \"Year healthy mother and child\" is a consistent step. Most of the country\'s population are young people. It is brought up in the best traditions of the Uzbek mentality, through respect and reverence for the elderly, which is a model for many western societies.

Francois Kompanonla, legal advisor of EuroStrategic Link:

- Uzbekistan plays an important role in Central Asia, in particular in ensuring the stability, security and sustainable development of the whole region.

Uzbekistan takes concrete steps for provision of human rights and freedoms. Examples of genuine efforts in this direction - the abolition of the death penalty and the introduction of \"habeas corpus\" institute.

The Republic is confidently moving along the path of democratization. Civil society institutions are actively being formed and functioning.

(Jahon Information Agency, Paris)


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