November 23, 2013
Everyone is entitled to education.

The state guarantees the attainment of free universal education.

Article 41 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan

In the process of wide-ranging reforms being undertaken under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in the education and upbringing system of our country, a particular emphasis is placed on the consolidation of juridical knowledge among the younger generation and the further perfection of law education. The resolution of the head of our state “On the Arrangement of Study of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan” signed 4 January 2001 serves as a crucial factor in securing the effectiveness in these efforts.

The principal goal sought from that resolution is the profound study of Uzbekistan’s Constitution, its role in the society, in the formation and elevation of legal consciousness, of thinking mode and culture of the younger generation, in the extensive propaganda of the essence and significance of the Basic Law. In accordance with the resolution, the principles and concepts stipulated in the Basic Law have currently been studied in all education institutions, including pre-school education institutions.

This can be seen also in the case of the pre-school education institution no.589 in the Sergeli district of Tashkent. Here, lessons are run in senior and preparatory groups to learn the Constitution with the application of effective methodologies.

… It is a usual day in the kindergarten with sounds of joyous voices and cheerful laughs of kids. The pupils of junior and senior groups, by laying their hands on their breasts, sing the State Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The chief song of our nation, performed with the sincerity characteristic of children, overfills the hearts with a sense of special pride with its deep meaning. Afterwards, the kindergarten teacher of the preparatory group Manzura Nurmatova tells the children about the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, independence of our country, its state symbols, language, currency unit, as well as the rights and freedoms of citizens in a language accessible to kids and with the help of simple and understandable means: various pictures, booklets and banners. Then, she addresses the children with a question:

“Well, which one of you can tell what holiday our country is going to celebrate soon?”

The kids lift their arms in unison:

“Let me say! I know what it is!”

“Sevara, go ahead and tell us”

Sevara Murtazoeva answers clearly and in uplifted tone:

“It is the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.”

“And when was our Constitution adopted?”

“On the 8th of December 1992.”

“What a clever girl! And who can name the state symbols of the Republic of Uzbekistan?”

The kids lift their arms all at once.

The kindergarten teacher suggests, “Let Ulugbek say it!”

“Uzbekistan has its own flag, emblem and anthem.”

“That’s correct, well done!” the instructor praises him…

To teach our kids from their early childhood to be aware of their rights and duties and be conscious of their responsibility before the state and society is one of the important objectives the kindergarten and school teachers are tasked with. Therefore, the Constitution classes conducted in this education institution serves to deliver the children with initial knowledge on the state with a rule of law, to have them realize their rights and duties, to bring them up in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland and ideas of independence. After all, in the age of globalization, only the younger generation that realizes its own rights, a generation dedicated to its duty, with an independent thinking and high spiritual and ethic qualities is capable of becoming a decisive force of our future days.

Our Basic Law not only guarantees the rights and freedoms of every person, but it also defines their duty and commitments before the state and society. Our country’s Constitution serves as a principal document in the process of providing our children with knowledge from their early childhood, for them to acquire a profession, to form as qualified specialists and, as the President of the country notes, and to raise them as robust, educated, mature and happy people in all respects.

Some 500 children are nurtured at the pre-school education institution no.589. All the conveniences are created here for their development as healthy and comprehensively advanced individuals.

Hobby clubs in foreign languages, artistic gymnastics, dance and checkers are organized at the kindergarten, along with classes in music and physical culture. Interesting games and competitions are held to facilitate their development as physically sound, clever, spiritually mature people, while a diversity of review contests, sporting competitions and concert shows serve for the formation and realization of their talents and abilities.

(Source: UzA national news Agency)


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